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Hello there! My name is Kinga and welcome to my blog!

I am a young, enthusiastic woman originally from Romania, currently living her dream in UK. My biggest passion is for all things beauty and style related.  But since I became a mom, my articles started to lean towards motherhood and all things parenting.

I also adore travelling (kind of a difficult hobby to fulfil at the moment), long walks in nature, reading and lots more.

KingasCorner is my attempt help new mommies out there to “survive” motherhood while being a woman at the same time.

I hope that my articles will help you solve some mysteries, struggles or any other questions or problems you might have in your life. 

about me
kingascorner about me
kingascorner about me
kingascorner about me

My story

Back in time … Growing up, I always used to play with my mum’s makeup and I always wanted to be as pretty as she was when I will get older. The years have passed and my mum decided to take her chances in a new domain, that’s when she started working as a cosmetician in a modest salon in my childhood’s city centre. Maybe that’s why since I was a little girl I had a very strong passion for style and beauty products or anything pretty basically. Therefore, when I was in my high-school years, I have decided to start a hair-styling course. So in the mornings I used to be in school and in the afternoons, you could see me in the hair saloon trying to follow my passion. After I finished this course, I got a job in that very hair saloon as a proper hairstylist. I was so nervous and afraid, but at least I was doing what I love – hair-styling.

After a while, I started university and slowly everything faded away. I had a new focus – study. My whole passion for beauty and hair-styling got knocked over. But, somewhere deep inside me, it never went away…

That’s when in 2014, I have decided to start my own YouTube channel, in my native language – Romanian. This has happened mainly because I was far away from my country – I relocated in Cyprus where I have found my true love, then got married – and I was feeling alone, without any friends. My initial thought was to share my experience and knowledge about cosmetics, style and hair on the web and build up an online community where I can actually connect with Romanian girls from all over the world.

At present… I am a wife to a wonderful man and a proud and happy mummy to our first baby boy. So be prepared for some mummy and baby related content on my blog as well.

kingascorner about me
product reviews, makeup, beauty
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My Blog

2017 – I have decided to start a new chapter. This is meant to be my online corner where I can connect and share my passions with English-speakers from all over the world. That’s how came to life.  

At this particular point in time, my posts focuses will mainly beauty product reviews, style and outfit photos, diary type stories, family and baby. As you can see, there a large palette of posts here, but, I’m sure, over time it will get narrowed down to what my viewer’s engagement would be.

Even though I am still at the beginning, constantly learning and developing in this new world of blogging, I would love for you to join me on this exciting new journey of mine.

kingascorner about me
kingascorner about me

Let’s be friends! Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter and to follow me on social media! I am looking forward to hear from you!

Until next time take care & stay beautiful!

xoxo Kinga 

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