My family Calendar

I created this calendar for 2019 so can personalise with your own family pictures. This is something that I created for my family and decided to share it with you as well. Hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

Food & Snack List

The ultimate breastfeeding food & snack lists for all the breastfeeding mommies. The perfect cheat sheet when you don’t know what to eat in order to produce more milk. One last thing to focus on when you’re a new mommy. 

Weekly Meal Plan​

This is a specially designed weekly meal plan for breastfeeding mommies. All the meal ideas are going to help & boost your milk production in no time!
For your convenience I’ve added links to some of the recipes. All you have to do is click, cook & enjoy!
There’s a blank document for you to create your own meal plan. The good news is that you can edit it on your computer too.

Newborn Essentials

It’s a checklist that contains all the essentials that your baby actually needs. Perfect if you are on a budget or frugal living. So, without all the “fluff”!

Beauty Ingredients

This is a list of all the bad ingredients that you can find in beauty products. Attention! These can really be harmful to your baby during pregnancy!

Have other resource ideas?

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