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Spring Sensory Basket for babies | Montessori Activity

Today I have something different to share with you beautiful mommas out there. Sensory basket or you might also know them as treasure baskets. These can be found in Montessori infant-toddler programs.

Never head of Montessori Method before? I am not going to go into too many details, but I’ll explain it a little bit so you understand what this method is about. It’s a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. Its approach values the human spirit and the development of the whole child—physical, social, emotional and cognitive.

Back to the sensory basket now.

Spring is here (almost) so I wanted to give my baby (7-8 months now) the possibility to touch, feel and explore new things.

If you haven’t heard of these baskets before, not to worry, this post will help you get started. This is also our first basket for my little one. I was so anxious to see his reaction to his first sensory basket.

What is a sensory basket and why is good for the baby?

A sensory basket is a great way to stimulate babies’ senses and to learn more about the world. These are also a good way for baby to touch and feel different materials, textures, see different colors, learn about shapes and lots more.

These are also a great way for them develop thinking skills and to be able to play independently.

I’m not sure how old baby has to be to introduce a sensory basket, but in order to be efficient baby has to be able to sit and grab things using his hands. Babies love to explore and because everything around them is new to them, they’ll want to touch everything. Therefore, these sensory baskets are just perfect for them.


Create your own sensory basket

Please ensure that all the object are safe for your baby. So, no choking hazards, no sharp edges, basically nothing that could harm your baby.

You can use things around the house. But I bought most of these things for his sensory basket. The recommended materials are metal, wood, natural, fabric, and leather.

You could even create themed baskets. Pick out things that are a certain color, there is no specific rule, and you can get as creative as you can. That’s what I love these baskets.

Having all these in mind let me show you how our basket looks like. You will be able to see that this is a spring sensory basket with some Easter touches 🙂        

Here’s what I’ve decided to add to my baby’s first sensory basket

Most of these are Easter related 🙂

sensory basket, spring sensory basket

sensory basket, spring sensory basket

Baby’s reaction

He jumped right into the basket without thinking too much. He went straight for the “I don’t know the name of” as you can see in the picture.

I kind of regret leaving this grass looking thing into the basket because he literally destroyed it. It was all over the place. Too much mess. 

At least I learnt my lesson for next time.

He played with everything from this basket. At the moment is at that age where he puts everything into his mouth. I put the bunny ears on his head and played together for a little while. 

He loved it and he was happy. 

sensory basket, spring sensory basket

 Final words

I love letting him explore new things and explaining to him all about things. If you haven’t introduced a sensory basket to your baby yet, you definitely have to. It’s a great way for them to learn and develop their little minds. 

I am going to create more of these and share them with you. In case you ever need inspiration. 

Until next time, take care & stay beautiful!

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