20 Things to Do with your Toddler | Winter Bucket List

toddler winter bucket list

I am so excited about this winter with my little man. This will be his 2nd Christmas, but the first he’ll actually enjoy. Therefore I wanted to make his journey to the Holidays more pleasant and with lots of fun family activities. So today you’ll find out what’s on my toddler winter bucket list. 

In my personal Dictionary – winter means Christmas 🙂 so I included Christmas related activities too in this bucket list.

These are perfect activities that your whole family is going to enjoy! So you might want to “steal” some for your own family traditions.

In no particular order let’s get into the list.

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toddler winter bucket list

See Santa

I’ve already done a reservation for him to see Santa. I am so excited about this particular one. I can’t wait to see his reaction to Santa.

When I was a little girl, I used to love when Santa came to “see” me and offered me presents.


Christmas Tree Shopping

Not sure if this is something I’ll check off this list, but I just thought to add it for future reference.

We bought an artificial Christmas tree a few years back and it’s still in a very good shape, so we’ll skip buying a natural one for a little while. Although I have to confess, there’s nothing better and more genuine than a true and natural Christmas tree.

I love how my house smells from it. So I might buy a candle with its scent. If I can find any.


Bake Cookies

I used to love baking cookies with my mum, so I want my son to “feel” that Christmas is something special that happens once a year.

We’ll get dirty and play with the dough, bake the cookies and eat until we’re full.


Decorate a Gingerbread House

Where I come from there are no traditions of decorating a gingerbread house.

This is something that I’ve seen only here in the UK and US.

I’d love to have this as a family tradition where we all gather around the table to decorate and have fun while doing it.


Christmas Tree Decorating

Growing up this task used to be mine, together with my dad.

I think it’s something special to do, especially with kids.

Not sure how my 15 months old (almost 17 months old then) will handle all the baubles and decorations.


See the Christmas lights

I love lights in general, not just the Christmas ones.

This could be another special thing that we could do as a family.


Get Lost in the Christmas Market

There are such beautiful Markets around the UK, especially during the Holidays.

Visiting the Christmas Market has become, not willingly,  one of my yearly Christmas traditions.


Diy snow

I thought this could be very messy, but fun activity to do with my toddler.

I love activities like this – Montessori friendly – through which he can discover and learn about the world.

After, I plan on using the snow for my centrepieces. Just perfect!


Build a Snowman

This will only happen if we’ll have snow. I assume this doesn’t need further explanations.

We all loved building a snowman growing up.

toddler winter bucket list

Diy Christmas Decorations

I absolutely love creating cute stuff with my hands. Back in the day, I started my own handmade jewellery business, but it failed miserably after a while.

But this passion of mine for DIY never went away.

It’s going to be so much fun to create things with my son.


Listen to Christmas Songs/Nursery Rhymes

We already started this one! We’re going to listen to them every day till Christmas!


Take a Family Christmas Photo in Front of the Tree

This is something that we started last year as a family. It’s my favourite picture of us.

So I plan on keeping these traditions for many years from now. At least some of them. 


Presents Shopping

This one’s also happening at the moment. I am nearly done with them!

So happy that I managed to take care of this task ahead of time.


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Create Rudolph Handprint Cards

Not sure what’s going to end up after this, but I am going to attempt and hopefully it will be something nice in the end. For sure A (my son) will enjoy it.

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Drink Hot Chocolate

I’ve never offered him hot chocolate before. So I’m not sure if he’ll like it.

Who am I kidding? For sure he'll love it! It's chocolate 😀 

Felt Christmas Tree

I thought this could be a fun, rainy day activity. I am constantly looking for activities for him so this is just perfect for the Holidays.

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Melt Snow in Our Hands

We had an attempt last year. I was holding it and he was just touching it with his little finger.

He was only 4-5 months back then.

Make Paper Snowflakes

I love creating paper snowflakes. I find them so unique! No two are alike, which makes them even more interesting and fun to create.

I can already guess what will happen - I’ll be creating them and A will be destroying them. haha

Stay Outside while Snowing

This was my favourite thing to do when I was little. I remember that I used to keep my mouth open so that the snow would fall into my mouth.  

Advent Calendar

I decided that I’ll create an advent calendar for him this year. Not an edible one!

I still have a few things that I need to buy and then I’ll be sharing my idea with you guys on my blog.

So definitely stay tuned for that! Hopefully, it’ll be done in a couple of weeks.



This is everything I want to do this winter / Christmas with my toddler. I can’t wait to cross all of these from my list.

Now it’s your turn, name at least one thing that you want to do this season with your family. Please share them in the comments. I’d love to read about it and maybe to add it to my winter bucket list as well.

Until next time take care & stay beautiful!

Xoxo Kinga


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