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How To Start A Mom Blog in 2020?

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how to start a mom blog

Are you wondering how to start a mom blog and make money in 2020? I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now and so far it’s been great. I can’t say I am making a full-time income blogging (yet), but I will get there. In this article, I want to help YOU start a mom blog in 2020 and all the things that come with it.

So Why Blogging & My Story

I wanted to start a blog back in 2014, but somehow it got postponed to 2016-2017, the moment I started KingasCorner.com (this blog). That’s when I learned I was pregnant so I knew I wanted something to work on during my maternity period. So having a blog was just what helped me keep my sanity. Now my son is 2 years old and blogging has become my full-time job. Although it’s not bringing me a full-time income, through blogging I found 2 of the other jobs that currently bring me in cash.

These are my virtual assistant business and a freelancing job I landed in late 2019. I am now self-employed, working for myself whenever I can around my toddler and I absolutely love it. For me, it’s great because I can still take care of him and watch him grow.

We were a family of foreigners living in a foreign country, with no help and a child. Therefore, we needed something like this as my job because at that moment we couldn’t afford childcare. It can get too expensive, especially if I would like to work on a 9-17 job.

Sounds familiar? Then blogging can be a great work from home opportunity. But don’t expect to start earning money overnight, but you can start monetizing your blog from day one.

how to start a mom blog

Keep on reading to find out how to start a mom blog in 2020.

Starting a blog is a lot of work! Especially in the beginning, so to make things easier for you, I created a Checklist that will help you

Before we dive in, I wanted you to know that this is part 1 out of 5 (I might add even more as I write them). This series is meant to get you started with a successful blog from the very beginning:

*** this post contains affiliate links.

How To Start A Mom Blog In 2020?

Step 1 Find your niche

First things first – find your niche. To do that, you need to think about what you are good at and write down all your skills and everything you have knowledge in. You don’t have to be an expert in the area, you just need to be 1-2 steps further than everybody else.

Another way you can find your niche is by thinking what do your friends ask you more often? That’s another thing to take into consideration when trying to find your niche.

Step 2 Choose your blog name

Choosing a blog name can be very difficult, especially since this is the “face of your (soon to be) business”. There are lots of things to consider when choosing a name:

  • do you want to use your own name or you want to stay anonymous;
  • choose a name that reflects what your blog is about;
  • make it easy to remember and catchy;
  • easy to write;
  • think of a keyword – this will help your SEO rankings;
  • keep it short and simple

For even more tips on how to choose a perfect domain name use this amazing article from Suzi at Startamomblog.com. Alternatively, you can also use this one to find out the best blog name generators for 2020.

Step 3 Choose the right platform

Like most bloggers, I started my blog on Blogger (my first ever blog in 2014). Back in the day, that was very popular and most of the big names were using Blogger. But I quickly learned that this wasn’t the best choice. Why? Because it’s hosted by Google and you can easily lose everything if they decide to take everything down.

Read my friend’s article, Madeline from Cappucino and Fashion, where she writes about the changes she saw after transferring her blog from Blogger to WordPress.org.

Therefore, I started doing so so much research back in the day and found WordPress.com. It was cheaper and seemed easy. Not the best option either because there are a lot of restrictions on everything. Plugins were limited, not a lot of freedom when it comes to design. So my research started again and that’s why I decided to do the big switch to WordPress.org. That’s when things got serious and more expensive, but totally worth it if you decide to have blogging as a business and earn money with it.

Read more about the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org here.

Step 4 Choose a good host

Choosing a host for your blog is another difficult decision to make. There are so many hosts out there, but there are a couple of hosts that I love and recommend to everyone. Most 6 figure bloggers use them.

I am mentioning both of these because I have blogs on both of these platforms and I still can’t notice the difference between them! Other than pricing and a few features.


Bluehost is great for any newbie blogger. Why? Because they recently changed their sign up process and it’s now super straight forward and you can have a running website within an hour. Their platform is set in such a way that you don’t really need a lot of knowledge to start a website.

bluehost how to start a mom blog

Check out Pricing for BlueHost here.

Web Hosting


Siteground is a little bit more advanced. Most probably that’s why is a little bit more expensive. I transferred my main blog (this one) to Siteground from another host (in 2017) and I think I did the best decision. More about this in another article.

siteground how to start a mom blog

Amazing features you get right from the lowest prices.

This is what convinced me to move in the first place!

+ New Client Area & Site Tools (coming soon)

siteground how to start a mom blog

Check out Pricing for Siteground here.

Step 5 Create a professional email address

What I mean by this is your own email address with your domain at the end. So instead of youname@gmail.com you will have yourname@yourwebsitename.com

This is essential if you are looking into starting an email list. Plus you make everything look and feel more professional.

Check out this quick video where I am walking you through the process of creating a custom email address.

Please note that this might not look the same for you (depends on what host you are using) but the steps are pretty much the same everywhere.

Congratulations! Now you have a blog! But if you take a look at the front end of it you’ll notice that’s not pretty at all!

Well… let’s make it pretty and personalized. But first, there are a few things to set up, which you will find out in the next article. As far as design goes, I decided to do a separate blog post, simply because there is so much to cover and I don’t want this article to be massive.

So here’s what you are going to find in the next one, part 2 of this series What are the foundations of a successful blog?

You’ll learn more about:

  • Understanding your WP Dashboard
  • Plugins you need for your website
  • How to setup Google Analytics
  • What is Google’s Search Console?
  • Is your blog legal? Things you should do.

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