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How to keep your Baby Warm with these Amazing Accessories

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How do you keep baby warm in a stroller? Learn more about my must have winter stroller accessories by reading this article.

*** this post contains affiliate links

How do you keep baby warm in a stroller?

Keeping my baby warm is my biggest priority especially when it’s cold outside. It’s nothing more dangerous than a freezing baby in his buggy. Keep in mind that they are not moving while in the stroller so they get cold very easily.

Imagine how cold you are as an adult, whenever you sit down on a bench in the park for example or when walking. After a while the breeze gets you and you start being cold. That’s what happens to babies as well, actually is even worse because the stroller is moving, so the draught reaches them faster.

First things first, you have to make sure that you are using the adequate stroller for the right season. You shouldn’t be using a summer stroller during winter and vice versa.

There are a few things that have to be done when transitioning from a summer to a winter stroller.

Stroller Footmuff

What is a footmuff?

If you’ve never heard of the term before, you’re most probably wondering what does this mean. Haha, I know exactly what you mean, I had no clue what that was until I needed this thing in my life.

Essentially, a footmuff is a stroller liner combined with a stroller blanket. At least that would be my explanation.

I think it’s brilliant! Why would you use a footmuff? It creates a giant warm and cosy cocoon for your child while outside in the cold. Because of the way it has been designed, you won’t need a stroller liner underneath it.

Do these fit any stroller?

Most of these are designed to fit any stroller. However, I would double check before buying. Look in the product’s description or name.

Be sure to check with your stroller’s brand first. Some bigger brands designed their own footmuff so that it matches perfectly with their own brand. Example: Bugaboo

Where to buy from?

These are everywhere, especially during the cold season. Tons of online stores have them. I got mine from Amazon. Check it out here! If you need a bit more guidance in choosing the perfect footmuff to fit your stroller, use this article to find out the best footmuffs in 2019.

How do you fit a footmuff?

Fitting a footmuff is very easy. If you can really figure it out, you can always search on Google  “how to fit [stroller’s name] footmuff” and you will be bombarded with tutorials.

How to make your own footmuff?

If you feel like doing your own, you can easily create one. At least you can choose your own fabrics, designs, colours or you can even personalize it to your liking.  

Use this tutorial to help you create your own personalized footmuff.

How to stop a footmuff from slipping?

This is one of the biggest issues with a footmuff but has a very easy fix. All you need are some zip ties. That’s how we fixed ours and didn’t have any problems after that.

Make sure you apply the zip ties on the inside of the footmuff. Just open it, line it up to the stroller’s seat and back in order to see where you have to secure it in place. Then use a sharp object (we used scissors) to make a hole in the footmuff and the stroller.

If you are worried that you will be able to see the zip tie, you can hide it underneath the seat. Nobody will look under there!

We secured ours in 3 places: on the back of the seat and 2 on the sides where the security belts are coming through.

Warm & Cosy Stroller Blanket

What is a stroller blanket?

It’s pretty much self-explanatory, but some people might need a more in-depth definition. A stroller blanket, also known as baby blanket is a special kind of fabric, designed in a unique way to fit most of the strollers, car seats, cots, etc.

This is meant to keep your baby warm and cosy when in the stroller during the cold weather.

What is the size of the stroller blanket?

These come into various sizes, so you can choose one that fits your needs. When choosing a stroller blanket size, also keep in mind if you want to use it for something else, such as cot blanket.

But if you solely wish to use it in the stroller, 22 inches by 30 inches (approx 56 cm by 76cm) should be just enough to cover your baby’s legs and tuck it under a cosy pillow.

To learn more about blanket sizes and how to choose the right blanket according to your needs, check out this article.

What to look for when buying the perfect stroller blanket?

Essentially, there are a few things to consider when buying a stroller blanket:

  • Quality – one of the most important things to consider when buying any type of blankets.
  • Materials – make sure that the fabric of the blanket is high quality (breathable, sweat absorbent, doesn’t shed its hair, it’s not knitted – it lets cold air go through it, so your baby might be freezing in it)
  • Personalization – you can also choose to personalize it. Etsy is full of them. Check out my favourite one here.

Where to buy from?

Depending what you want really. If you are looking for a personalised stroller blanket, Etsy is the best place to look for one. You could also check out your local shops for more affordable prices.

Do you need anything else when using a stroller blanket?

If I were you I would pair it up with a stroller liner just to make sure that my baby is warm and comfy. But to be honest with you it really depends on what type of blanket you choose. If it’s a huge one that you can wrap around your baby, you definitely don’t need a liner, but on the other hand if your blanket it’s a bit smaller and can’t be wrapped around your child, I would advise you to pair it up with a liner.

Stroller Liner

What is a Stroller liner?

It’s one of those inserts that you put in the stroller for extra warmth and comfort. This can be either a specially designed liner or a normal blanket that acts as a liner. Depends on what you want to use. Before you buy, make sure it’s washable, as it will get super messy, especially as your child grows.

When should you use one?

In my opinion this is not necessary when you’re using a footmuff or when using a large stroller blanket that you could wrap around your child.

Where to buy from?

If you are looking for unique and cute designs, Etsy is the perfect resource for that. You can find anything from universal to specific pram liners. Click to see my favourite Bugaboo pram set and my favourite universal pram liner with lots of cute and fun designs.

Stroller Hand Muff

What is a hand muff?

A muff is a outdoor fashion accessory that has been introduced in the 16th century. It’s in a cylinder shape and usually made from fur that’s meant to keep your hands warm during winter. It was very popular amongst both men and women.

This hand muff is now available for strollers as well in order to keep your hands warm while pushing the buggy around all day in the cold weather.

Why should you use a hand muff?

If you ask me, it’s the best purchase I’ve ever made. Of course you could use gloves instead, but this is just super convenient. This will not only keep your hands warm during winter, but it will be able to provide easy access to your hands whenever you need to check on your child. This accessibility is reduced if you would use gloves. Sometimes you need to act fast!

Where to buy from?

If you’re looking for something super cheap, I highly recommend checking out Amazon. That’s what we have and I love it. Honestly this is something that you don’t really have to spurge on. Click here to check it out!

Stroller organizer

Why should you have a stroller organizer?

At first, I had the same question, but after I started using one, I find it very useful. If give you accessibility and more storage space. You can put your most used items for easy access, like your phone, water bottle, keys, etc.

What’s the best stroller organizer?

This is up to you really, for me the simpler the better. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to selecting your stroller organizer:

  • Price range
  • Quality and durability
  • Compartmentation
  • The way it attaches to your pram (most of them are universal, but it’s always good to see if it’s compatible with your stroller)

If you need actual examples of the best stroller organizers for 2019, this article is a great resource for that!

Where to buy from?

The web is full of them, all you need to do is search for it. I’ve got mine from Amazon (again), I wanted something cheap, simple, very easy to hang and that has enough room for my coffee, my son’s water, my phone, keys and some snacks. At first glance it doesn’t look as large, but it does fit a lot of things. Check it out here.

Rain cover

I am assuming this doesn’t need a lot of explanation. We live in the UK where it rains quite a lot, especially during autumn and winter. So a rain cover it’s a must.

Although I have to confess that whenever it rains, I’m not really going out, unless I absolutely need to!

Because we own 2 strollers (not because I wanted to honestly, it just happened) I wanted my cover to be universal that can be used on both prams.

In case you were wondering we have the Hauck Rapid 4 that we use during summer and for travelling because it’s very lightweight and you can fold it easily using one hand. We also have the EVO 3 In 1 Travel System in Funky Zebra from Infababy, formerly known Uberchild. This was our main pushchair that we used since birth.

The Infababy pushchair came with a rain cover, but it wasn’t a good fit for the toddler seat unit. So I bought a raincover from Hauck, very similar to this one here, that matches perfectly both of the pushchairs.

Warm Pram Suit for Baby

What is a pram suit for a baby?

A pram suit, also known as a snowsuit it’s a one-piece clothing item for babies and infants. Typically your baby will wear it when he goes out during the cold weather (winter).

Usually this comes with feet, mittens (sometimes detachable) and hood. The fabric is windproof and waterproof so that your baby will be warm and dry.

Does baby need snowsuit?

In my opinion, a pramsuit is a MUST for your baby. But again, it depends where you live. If it’s extremely cold during winter (negative degrees), one of these paired up with a footmuff will for sure keep your baby warm.

Another thing you should consider how long you are going to be outside and whether your baby is mobile or not.

Where to buy from?

There are tons of them everywhere, you just have to find one that you like and fits your little one. We have this one from George, Asda.

Pram pegs (blanket clips)

What are pram pegs?

Pram pegs, also known as blanket clips, are almost like clothing clips that are used to secure a blanket in order to prevent it from falling down or being blown away by the wind. These are also used to hang toys to the stroller. For sure you can find them useful for many other things, but these are the most common ones. I keep them always attached to my stroller, you never know when you might need them.

Where to buy from?

I found mine on Amazon, check it out here.

Warm, windproof & waterproof jacket & hat for mommy

Lastly, let’s not forget mommy. You also need to be warm and cosy when you’re going for a walk with you baby. Therefore, a warm hat and a warm, windproof and waterproof jacket are an absolute must have for the cold season. Trust me, the last thing you need is to be freezing while pushing the stroller.


So to recap these are my must-have stroller accessories for winter: footmuff, stroller blanket & liner, hand muff, stroller organizer, rain cover, pramsuit for baby, warm jacket and hat for mommy and blanket clips for your buggy.

Please leave me a comment with your pram accessories that make your life easier, can’t wait to learn more about them.

Until next time take care & stay beautiful.

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